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Five Easy Ways To Save On Your Taxes

As you agonize over your 2013 tax return and see the sting the new tax law is inflicting, here are some ways to reduce the bite. Some are retro-active to last year so there is still time to act. Briefly, … Continue reading

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Bitcoins – Buyer Beware

It seems every time I pick up a magazine or watch a show on investing someone is touting Bitcoins. Even Congress and the White House have endorsed the benefits of an alternative currency system. So what is a Bitcoin? It is … Continue reading

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Why Asset Allocation is Critical to Managing your Portfolio

One of the side benefits of being on my company’s pension committee is that I get a plethora of great investment information quarterly, but what I most look forward to is a table showing the performance of various asset classes … Continue reading

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Take A Bite Out of Apple?

While Apple has taken a bite out of investor,s with its share price down nearly 40% from just a few months ago, I could not be more bullish on the company. The reason is three little words – “free cash … Continue reading

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The Green Car for Car Guys

I recently test drove the new Tesla S, the new upscale sports sedan from Silicon Valley-based Tesla motors and a legitimate competitor to the similarly-sized BMW 5 series and Audi A6. As a devoted car guy I’ll admit being skeptical … Continue reading

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