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Weasel Of The Month – Pat Robertson

The Dark Lord of the religious right, Pat Robertson, sunk to new lows this week,  and also gave us a glimpse into his evil black heart, when he self-rightously claimed the devastating earthquake in Haiti was a result of the country’s “pact … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug Weasel Of The Month

Shawn Krieger of Toledo, Ohio was arrested for shoving a Salvation Army bell ringer down to the ground, yelling “I can’t stand you and your bell ringing. I hate Christmas.” Krieger then grabbed the Salvation Army pot which contained several … Continue reading

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A Good Reason To Keep Guatanamo Bay

In these tough economic times we should all make use of every resource we have available, and accordingly it’s probably a good idea to revisit the idea of closing Guatanamo Bay.  Sure, our little Carribean torture palace has been an … Continue reading

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And Now – Our Weasel of the Month!

In Oregon, Paul Fahey, who was convicted of murdering his wife by setting her house on fire four years ago, is suing the county claiming he received inadequate medical care for the injuries he received in the fire he set. … Continue reading

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Do They Use Male Enhancement Products In Prison?

In a sign that karma does exist, a major business Weasel was sent to prison this week.  Steve Warshak, founder of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals (better known as Enzyte – the so-called hard penis people) was sentenced to 25 years in … Continue reading

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