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Next Wednesday my new book, Warriors, Workers, Whiners, and Weasels is released. And as you might expect, there is the normal book release scurrying going on…. editors making final edits, designers doing a little final design, publicists trying to publicize, friends and family asking “when does that book come out?”. But perhaps not surprisingly, few people are asking “what’s the book about?” As I hoped, the title is fairly self-evident. Hopefully this will be a good thing.

Of course, perhaps I should not take this for granted. I took a look today at some of the current NY Times Bestsellers, and most of the titles give little indication of what to expect. I think Two Little Girls in Blue, Dirty Blondes, and Prior Bad Acts are mystery novels, but I also would not be surprised to see any of them performing as the musical acts on Saturday Night Live, or as obscure coded notations in Charley Sheen’s Palm Pilot. Speaking of coded notations, I couldn’t help but notice the obvious current path to a bestseller is to somehow tie-in a religious mystery, Ala, The DaVinci Code. Other big sellers on the charts include The Tenth Circle, The Secret Supper, The Last Templar,and Tomb of The Golden Bird.

Unfortunately, my book is not particularly mysterious, there are no codes, nor do I tackle any controversial religious issues. Of course, if the book does not sell well I guess I could change the name to Warriors, Workers, Whiners, Weasels – A John the Baptist Mystery – but that would seem like a bit of a Weasel move.

No, I am going to stick with the straightforward title with a straightforward message. We all know Warriors, Workers, Whiners, and Weasels. We live around them, work with them, read about them, admire some of them, and have great disdain for others. My book adds a bit of clarity and organization to the situation that will hopefully allow you to navigate the world a little better. Use it to manage yourself more efficiently, maybe improve your job performance and get a promotion or raise.

There are quite a few management hints based on my 25 years of managing and sometimes mismanaging people that you will find helpful if you are the boss. If you are a Whiner or a Weasel, you might be surprised to find out how much we know about you. In any case – buy the book and I hope you enjoy.

Oh, one more thing. If you are so inclined, translate chapter three into Latin, read it backwards by candlelight, and it will reveal the location of Pontius Pilate’s great, great, great, great grandson’s deli in Clearwater, Florida. He makes a mean Reuben Sandwich.

Buy Warriors, Workers, Whiners, and Weasels at Amazon.

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  1. Adam says:


    Yesterday I got an email from Patrick Marzullo asking me to check out your blog. So far I love what I’ve read – that last paragraph is absolutely classic. I’ll definitely check back often.

  2. Hi Tim,
    First of all – I live on an island (Tierra Verde) close to Clearwater, FL; Please – I want to know where these mean Reuben sandwiches are? Being an x-chef – it isn’t easy getting good food around here! The French Canadian tourists that flock to this area don’t know good food and don’t require good food when they visit! As well as good service either – they don’t tip!
    Secondly – I really like what I’ve only begun to read in your book – but will finish soon, too many things going on. I was born a warrior! I can prove it – I have the attention span of a flea – see! I was and am a pioneer in every thing I’ve ever done in my life! Now as a VP of Biz Dev at http://www.SendTec.com I continue to demonstrate being a true warrior. In months I’ve created huge accounts like The Home Depot and many more. I’ve added a tremendous amount of value to this company, millions in revenue. You would think that I am really glad to be a warrior? Well, it’s a bitch! I dream of being a worker! Or do I really want that? Would I get bored of being a worker as well? I envy workers! I wonder if workers envy warriors. Do workers know how tough it is to be a warrior? No, I imagine. In the same regard, I don’t know how tough it is being a worker! But I sure envy those workers! Workers must have it made! Workers can work with other workers pretty well, I imagine! Workers always know how much they are going to get paid. Workers wives probably are much happier knowing everything is more consistent – money, vacations, work schedules, etc. If the wife is happy – then?
    Try being a genuine warrior! More than half of what a warrior starts never is completed or is called a complete failure, including marriages! A genuine warrior is often called by others as ‘crazy’ or ‘A.D.D.’ or ‘sociopath’ or ‘bipolar’. Try being a warrior in a company with about 10 other warriors! Not easy!
    Oh my God! I just realized I’m being a whiner!
    At least I’m not a weasel!
    Tim ~ thanks for reaching out and making effort to at least help make me and the world a little more conscious and understanding of warriors, workers, weasels and whiners. It certainly makes me think! It’s a great book for anyone who is in a hiring authority. Thanks again for this well written – easy to read book! It’s a must read for anyone in the business world who gives a damn about assessing themselves or others who they are doing business with.
    Jeffrey DeArmond
    VP Biz Dev
    Cell: 727-278-6295

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