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Introducing “The Worker”

The backbone of any company is the Worker—the dependable soldiers who take direction from the Warriors and make things happen.  Great companies always have great Workers.  It is certainly possible for a great Worker to become a Warrior, though it isn’t healthy for all of a company’s Workers to be aspiring Warriors. There is tremendous honor and value in just  being a Worker.

Workers understand their essential role in society, and they also tend  to live the most balanced life among the four categories. Great Workers take tremendous pride in their craft, be it building jets, answering phones, driving a truck, designing microchips, writing legal briefs, or managing a large staff.  Workers come in every shape, size and economic category;  they perform duties that range from the mundane to the complex.

Being a Worker is not a badge of social stature or intelligence, and  Workers are in no way inferior to Warriors. They simply occupy a different and equally important place in the big scheme of things. They tend to  be a contented lot, having mastered the balance of career, lifestyle, and the  outside activities they enjoy. And they also share some of the attributes of  the Warrior. They take responsibility for their actions and pride in their  achievements.  They always strive to be the best they can be, and to be  acknowledged as “best in category” at whatever they do. They are team  players and understand the concept of “loving the one you’re with” to  collectively achieve success.  They are the support system that almost all  Warriors require to be successful.

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