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The Whiner

Certainly, we have all experienced the Whiner in a workplace.  Whiners might be competent workers, but their negativity and dissatisfaction overshadow their performance.  Often, their whining is a mask for their incompetence.  They spend a disproportionate amount of time complaining about others and blaming everyone else for their personal lack of success. They usually attempt to recruit more Whiners from the workplace, creating dissatisfaction among the Workers.

Often, Whiners are Warrior-wannabes.  Sadly enough, they are frequently talented, possessing many Warrior attributes, with the exception of some of the most important Warrior traits: self-responsibility and respectfor relationships.  Warriors know that if they fail, the failure belongs to them, regardless of the circumstances of the failure.  Whiners take the opposite approach.  Anything bad that happens is someone else’s fault.  They occupy the victim’s seat in business and life, and they find it easy to turn on their friends if they need to shift blame.

One of their great pleasures in life is to contemplate and spread other’s troubles (hence they tend to be big gossipers), as it provides a welcome distraction from their obsession with their own perceived problems. Though you occasionally meet people who have been ingrained Whiners from birth, it is normally a process one goes through that culminates by the time someone is in his or her mid-20s.  It is important for parents and managers to observe those who are adopting Whiner traits so they can perhaps be turned before they make the final transition. Whiners are innately critical of everyone but themselves and cynical of everything around them. They manage to find a problem even with good news, and like a spreading parasite, they seek to convert the contented around them into Whiners.

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