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#3. Always focus on “you,” not “them”

Obsessing about others won’t get you where you want to go. Certainly, it is valuable to occasionally analyze others’ success and failures to give you guidance on how to avoid mistakes, and how you might move forward more effectively. But many people get so immersed in how everyone else did it that they forget to move forward with their own talents and ideas. There is a big difference between learning from others’ successes and obsessing over them. Obsessing about how others did it—and especially whether or not they deserved their success—is an easy road to becoming a Whiner. “Weasel obsession” or living your life limited by fear is another potential pitfall to avoid. Face the fact that you will encounter many Weasels over your lifetime. They will lie, steal, and take advantage of you in every way possible. Weasels will always be there, lurking in the shadows like the human parasites they are. It is your obligation to minimize their impact. If you live your life in fear or waste time taking extraordinary measures to protect yourself, you will let that distract you from your true goals. Think of a Weasel as you would a cold or the flu. You have had them before, and you will have them again, and it is certainly not worth worrying about the fact that sometime in the future, you will be sick for a day or two. Stay as healthy as possible, practice good hygiene, and don’t worry about it.

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