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#4. Avoid “Analysis Paralysis”

Many people fall into the trap of analysis paralysis, over-thinking situations instead of taking action. Analysis paralysis leads to excuses for not completing a task, which ultimately becomes a form of whining. Although it is important to make decisions based on sound forethought and research and with a complete understanding of all the factors involved, it is essential to, at some point, finally make a decision and stick to it for a reasonable amount of time. Take the jump, or don’t complain about the fact that you never reached the heights you desired. I find this an incredibly common problem among individuals, and even businesses. Lack of movement often becomes synonymous with failure.

Analysis Paralysis Is Learned Behavior. It usually starts early in life. We probably all had friends in college who changed majors five or six times in an effort to “find themselves.” Usually, this translated into an extra two or three expensive years spent in college, with no perceivable benefit (unless one considers mastering slacking and various drinking games a benefit). This fear of making a decision often continues into adulthood, resulting in either constant delays in life or continual changes that hamper progress. Some people are so afraid of making the wrong decision that they make no decision, or they make decisions too quickly because they overanalyze a situation.

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