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It’s Never Too Late to Make It as a Warrior

Warriors are not always Warriors from the start. Even if you have slipped into the morass of serious Whiner or Weasel behavior, you can still sometimes find redemption if you activate and properly use your Warrior tools. Take Dianne, for example. She is the middle-aged president and owner of a successful consulting firm Although business is going well now, things have not always been so rosy. After graduating from a good university with a master’s degree, Dianne bounced around from job to job, finding reasonably good positions but never really working her way up in any organization to the level she desired.

It’s Easy to Become a Whiner or a Weasel.

By the time she reached her forties, Dianne’s inability to succeed past a certain point had begun to take a toll on her, gradually transforming her into a Whiner (with strong Weasel tendencies emerging). Instead of using her tools and accurately assessing her own job performance and worth to the organizations she was being paid by, she instead felt she was a “victim,” blaming her inability to rise in her career on office politics and other non-issues. This is a deadly, career stopping response for Warrior wannabes. Warriors realize that they possess free will, and they constantly utilize their self-responsibility tool. If their careers are not going well, they take responsibility to change the situation in their work environments, or they move on to better situations. They never just stand still and lament their situations or blame others for their plight. Dianne began to play classic Weasel and Whiner games: refusing to take responsibility and backstabbing supervisors, bosses, and coworkers. She built a personal brand filled with words like “untrustworthy,” “gossip monger,” and “snake in the grass.” Initially, she had some success with the approach. Unfortunately, Weasel and Whiner crutches can sometimes be used effectively for short periods of time, especially if they are used on other Whiners and Weasels. She managed to convince a competitive company that she was, in fact, the “brains behind her operation,” and based on this misrepresentation, she was awarded a major new position that she was completely under-qualified for. Within a year, she had misused her new job. Sensing that the ax was about to fall and smart enough to move on, Dianne quit and announced she was going into business for herself. Although she did manage to quickly launch her own company, she had not changed her Whiner and Weasel ways. She did have some initial success in attracting clients. But she consistently over promised and under delivered. Ultimately, her company failed. Forced to declare bankruptcy, with her personal brand at an all-time low, she took a hard look at her personal and professional life.  “I realized in my heart that I was really best at being a deal maker, and that things fell apart for me after the deal was put together,” she explained. “I enjoy the front end of the new business process: identifying clients, the courting process of developing relationships, putting together the deal from the big picture. Once the deal was done, I lost interest.”

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