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My favorite vintage whines

Depending on the day and situation, Whiners can be annoying, destructive, time-wasters, ridiculous, and occassionally entertaining in their complete self-obsession and lack of self-responsibility. Here are a few of my favorite Whines from the vintage Whine cellar (and please feel free to send in your favorite personal selections). –

"I had no idea you  were keeping track of when I got to work.  If I had, I would have been on time." – Delivered by an indignant employee shocked when he was disciplined for constantly being late.

"They were like, expecting me to be nice to people and smile and be happy all the time. Yuck.  I couldn’t work in a place like that." – Piece of a conversation I overheard in a Starbucks between two college-aged girls, as one explained why she had quit her job.

"You can’t fire me just because of those little mistakes." – Delivered by an employee after she was dismissed for all the following:  1) arrested for shoplifting  and possession of heroin while on a company-sponsored trip,  2) missed a  day of important meetings while in jail (and she didn’t tell us she was in  jail so we had teams of people searching for her), 3) improper use of a company credit card.  And all this during her first 30 days of employment!  Her future is so bright I need to wear sunglasses!

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