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Rule #2. You possess the control over your life and success

Accept the fact you are not going to win the lottery, or hit a slot machine for a million dollars. Chances are that George Lucas is not going to run into you in a Starbucks and suddenly cast you as the new Hans Solo in his latest film. You are better advised to forget about the “lottery lifestyle”and instead concentrate on how to personally control your destiny. Your dreams of the perfect life, with all the toys and the wonderful relationships and family, will only become a reality if you make it so. Any random good luck that befalls you will just be a welcome and unexpected icing on the cake. And the good news about understanding this is that it places all that you desire within your reach, instead of betting your future with astronomical odds against you. Complaining about your job to your family or coworkers won’t change it. Jumping around from school to school—or job to job—won’t solve your problems. Decide what you want, and work toward achieving it. Complete a task before jumping to the next one, even if you have lost your interest. Even if completing it does not at first blush seem important to your ultimate goal, it is best to finish it with pride. You don’t want to build a history comprised of “giving up,” but rather a catalog of achievements that may be helpful to you in the future. I often turn to lessons I learned earlier in my career that were discovered doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with my current profession. Life and professional skills bridge many professions.

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