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Stay true to your word

Carson stayed true to his word. When Johnny Carson said something, he meant it—so when he said he was retiring, he stayed retired, unlike many celebrities who use retirement and their emergence from retirement as a gimmick to sell themselves. Though he had constant offers to do that “one special appearance” or endorsements for huge sums of money, he stayed true to his word. This was a powerful trait that transferred to those he worked with too, which allowed Carson to better control his personal brand.

When working with Carson, we knew it was essential to do exactly as we had promised, and we established a zero tolerance policy for customer service problems that stands to this day. Quality was King for the King of Late Night. Nobody was more critical of his work than Johnny Carson. With more than 4,500 hours of television spanning thirty years, the television library he built was the largest in television history, featuring some of the greatest stars and moments in TV history. But despite the fact that I constantly advocated releasing more of the library and we could have increased our sales by tens of millions, Carson insisted that only the very best from his career be released to the public.

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