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The Weasel Tax

In my book I spend an entire chapter talking about The Weasel Tax – the high cost all of us often unwittingly pay because of Weasels. The Weasel Tax is broken down into several catagories, including:

  1. Weasel preventative costs. The high prices we pay for insurance, security, law enforcement, excessive attorney fees and extreme contracts needed to protect ourselves from the greedy rodents, special Weasel-proof construction, expensive governmental agencies aimed solely at Weasels, firewalls and virus protection software, big bumpers to protect us from drunk Weasels, rubber gloves, the list goes on and on……
  2. Weasel elimination and isolation costs. Jails, payoffs for silly lawsuits, penicillin, salaries for worthless Weasels you would like to fire but can’t due to fear of litigation, and so on.
  3. Weasel theft costs.
  4. Weasel loss of productivity costs.
  5. Higher social costs due to Weasels.
  6. The Weasel emotional tax.

Though all the above is impossible to fully quantify, in the book I was able to put some dollar amounts against the Weasel tax, and my guess is that with if we were to launch a successful American Anti-Weasel campaign, we would not only all live happier lives, but we could see an across the board 15-20% reduction in taxes and an enormous increase in productivity.

So, do your part and expose a weasel in your life. The best submission wins a video iPod every month.

Is it crazy to even contemplate a Weasel-free society? Probably. We will never fully eliminate them. But, I would make the case that a major educational long term initiative to build better citizens is the best investment we could make.

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