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Degree In Experience

I won’t admit to having a degree in psychology, nor do I believe I am an expert in the field; however, I do have a degree in experience. In fact, if there were such a degree I’m confident I would have a Phd. Much of my wisdom can be credited to the experiences I have encountered during my career and I believe that under certain circumstances, experience can out perform any degree. For this reason I don’t support my arguments with scientific fact; rather, I prefer to use stories and real life situations.

I see the pain and problems of addiction on an almost daily basis. My own family is riddled with addictions that haunt the lives of otherwise wonderful and talented people. I know intelligent counselors who make their living treating addicts, only to then go home to the battle their own addictions despite all they know about the subject. Addiction is a major problem in almost every business, as managers take on the role of counselors, helping people see the severity of their own actions, and the ultimate price that will be paid if they don’t get themselves under control. I have unfortunately had to fire addicts at every level in their careers, usually after they have completely given up the battle for control and their addictions have sometimes turned them into liars and, in one case, a thief. It is costly, unproductive, emotionally draining, sad for everyone involved, and ultimately, incredibly manipulative of the addict. And addicts are not the only ones who pay the price for their problem: the burden is also shared by their families, their employers, and their fellow employees. This is the unseen and most selfish side of addiction that most addicts refuse to face: the pain they cause everyone around them. And as the addict begins his or her spiral downwards, society pays the price as we maintain programs to at least keep addicts alive.

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