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Do What You Love to Do

Johnny Carson’s and Dianne’s stories share another similarity. They all ultimately found success doing what they loved to do. Though “do what you love, and the money will follow” is an old adage, I found that most happy and well-rounded successful Warriors and Workers truly do love their work and swear by the axiom. I have certainly found it to be an absolute truth in my own life. Early in my career, I worked in the family business for a few years. Although I had a few talents that brought me a few successes in the industry, I had no passion or love for what I was doing, and I ultimately sought to artificially change my job, which led to near disaster. Transforming a business to better suit your personality, as opposed to finding a business you are suited for, is always a bad idea. Finding business environments I enjoyed immediately made me much more successful. This seems to be a constant theme in family-owned businesses. I encounter many unhappy second- and third-generation business owners who went into the family enterprise out of a sense of obligation, or to take advantage of the easy advancement, only to find they are miserable in their jobs. They often then become Whiners, or they unwittingly bring down the organization because their heart is in the wrong place. In the end, this serves no one, because miserable people do not make good business leaders. Businesses and employees deserve happy and energized people at the helm. Often, those who are unhappy with their careers and situations will subconsciously make bad decisions that they know will ultimately force them to make a change. In the meantime, these decisions can lead to the unnecessary destruction of companies and environments.

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