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Knowing Your Responsibilities

By now, all of my dedicated readers should know what Warriors, Workers, Whiners & Weasels are. If you are new to my blog and have yet to read the book, I suggest going back into the archives to learn more about the personality type descriptions. Once you are able to identify personality types in real life situations, you’re one step closer to understanding and using your skills to your advantage. As discussed in my book, another important element is being able set and follow-through with your own as well as your colleague’s responsibilities.

The Manager’s Responsibility to the Worker. Warriors who are building a team, or managers who are trying to build an effective workplace, need to foster their important and valuable Workers by understanding their motivations and desires. This is sometimes especially difficult for Warrior managers, because they tend to expect that everyone they work with is as driven and responsive to a challenge as they are. This can result in unreasonable expectations about their Workers’ performance, which can easily be misunderstood by the Worker as arrogance on the part of the Warrior, or lack of concern. In either case, minor misunderstandings between Warriors, management, and the Workers can make an otherwise terrific workforce unproductive and uncomfortable. Managers need to fill positions with Workers who they can properly motivate within the constraints of the organization, and motivation should be a continuous force.

The Worker’s Responsibility to the Manager and Workplace. It is also the Worker’s responsibility to understand his or her own motivations and to communicate properly with management. I have had many employees through the years complain that they were not happy in their positions, but they were unable to tell me why. Management can’t read minds.

Ideally, a thriving organization is led by a Warrior or Warriors who set direction for the company and have a dedicated team of Workers who can fulfill the promise. But the key to achieving this is to make sure everyone understands their own motivations—and has the capacity to fulfill them.

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