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Your reputation precedes you. A successful Warrior (and, for that matter, a Worker) ultimately develops a personal brand. (Please note that the concept of “personal brand” is not something I originated; it has been espoused by others in business circles. I just find it to be an essential Warrior tool.) Just as you trust that BMW is synonymous with world-class automobiles, that Wal-Mart means low prices, and that Nike shoes feature an athletic heritage, style, and quality—so should you have a positive “personal brand” that is synonymous with you and how you use your tools. Your personal brand (assuming it is positive) should precede you into many business and social situations. Regardless of where you fall in the scope of the Four W’s, you will have a personal brand whether you like it or not, so it is always best to take control and hone it in a positive way.

If you live life as a Warrior and utilize the Warrior’s tools, you will develop a personal brand that is partially based on the integrity, honesty, and drive that are a regular part of your life. That is one of the advantages of being a Warrior—you tap into an existing positive basis for your personal brand, almost like buying into a franchise. But past this point, you should endeavor to develop a unique and compelling component of your personal brand that really separates you from the masses. Your personal brand might be simple, e.g., “Extremely Reliable,” or “Willing to Put in the Extra Work to Make a Project Really Special.” Or it can be more complex—e.g., “A Great Asset on Complex Deals.”

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