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The Beauty Of This Book

Many of the concepts in my book are self-evident—e.g., it is certainly better to be a Warrior or a Worker than a Whiner or a Weasel. But at a deeper level, I find that the beauty of the the four W’s is its simplicity. Success in business and in life is really not all that complicated; it is simply a process of coming to terms with yourself and taking a long-term and realistic approach toward your life and your career. Establish your goals and a plan of action, build a positive personal brand, and take responsibility for your own actions. Expand your positive attributes, and work to eliminate those that are holding you back. Work toward a desired outcome, and don’t expect it to happen by itself. And ideally, you must also understand and utilize the talents of those around you, and realize the warning signs of those who can bring dysfunction and failure into your life. Finally, put it all together so that it enhances everything you do. Your work and life should happily coexist, and getting up in the morning should be a pleasure and an adventure.

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