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The Seemingly Hard-Working Weasel

Weasels are typically quite good at creating the illusion of activity—even though, in reality, they are usually just wasting time. They are always quick to point out how hard they do work or how difficult their life is, in an attempt to either garner pity or respect, which they will turn into a weapon at a later date. They commonly use the “hard work” excuse throughout their day-today lives at work and at home. “I didn’t call the client back because I was working round the clock on the secret report.” Or, “I didn’t have time to get you a birthday gift because I was working those long hours just to keep food on the table.” Weasels will say anything to avoid the real issue and to make themselves martyrs.

I find that Warriors and Workers don’t make excuses—it is a Whiner or Weasel reaction. Although the Warrior or Worker might legitimately be overworked, they know that it is not an excuse not to get the job done. Rather, they will request help or make the necessary changes to assure that the job is completed.

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