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The Unreasonably Competitive Weasel

Because Weasels are constantly concentrating on what they don’t have, as opposed to what they do possess, they live lives filled with jealousy and unreasonable competitiveness with those around them. And this can be a tough one to judge. Warriors by their very nature are competitive, and you don’t want to mistake that trait in yourself or others as a negative attribute. However, a Warrior will actually have admiration for other Warriors who successfully compete with them. I admire my successful competitors who compete fairly and ethically and (hopefully only occasionally) beat me. They make me and my organization better and improve the marketplace. And if we are all on a level playing field and we lose, it is our problem. And my Warrior competitors feel the same about me, which leads to a competitive, but much more professional and pleasant business environment.

A Weasel never takes any pleasure or learns a lesson from their competitor’s success. They will take any advantage—ethical or not—to win the account. They will disparage their competitors at every opportunity. They will whine when they lose—and blame everyone but themselves for their lack of success. If you see yourself or your employees slipping into this habit, do a little Weasel housecleaning right away.

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