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Weasel Proof You Life

I have discovered that minimizing the impact of Weasels in your life involves a few simple steps that were probably apparent from the case studies above.

Check them out. Unfortunately, once people fall into the Weasel ranks, they seldom seem to change their colors. So one good way to help Weasel-proof your life is to look at someone’s history when hiring or associating yourself with someone new. And that research should extend past the normal reference calls. Talk to people who would be intimately familiar with their personal brands, and look for patterns. Certainly, we should all be given the opportunity to redeem ourselves, but past actions do need to be accounted for, and because true Weasels never really feel remorse, they tend to constantly repeat their actions. If you choose to deal with an established Weasel, you ultimately proceed at your own risk.

Watch for typical Weasel patterns. Ego pumping, excuses, gossiping, building dissension and problems where problems did not previously exist, and establishing scapegoats are Weasel techniques you should be aware of.

Keep in mind that your greed and conceit are a Weasel’s best friends. If you allow yourself to be ego pumped by strangers, or jump at the deal that is “too good to be true,” you are opening the door to every Weasel that passes by.

Remember that trust is earned, not granted. It sounds simple, but Weasels count on the fact that via their charm, their manipulation, or even their distortion of the facts, they will gain your trust and access to what they want to steal from you.

Trust your instincts.

Make “no Weasels allowed” part of your personal brand. Weasels typically don’t like confrontation; they prefer to work in the shadows. If you are known to have little or no Weasel tolerance, they will move on to an easier mark. And loudly uncovering Weasels is a great service to the next person they might try to take advantage of.

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