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A Worker For A Warrior

Workers are sometimes more successful in their careers than Warriors because they tend to take fewer risks, and if they do end up in the right position, they are often rewarded well. For example, I know brilliant Worker attorneys who have built great practices as the backbones of their firms. They might not be the Warrior rainmakers that bring in the clients, but they put in sixty- and seventy-hour weeks to ensure that their firms keep their clients. There are thousands of successful Worker engineers, architects, doctors, professors, and small business owners. The computer and dot-com revolution has created a boom for the digitally minded Worker. Individuals who just a few years ago would have been relegated to low-paying jobs in graphic design, accounting, and engineering firms now find their skill sets in tremendous demand, placing them at the highest ends of the pay scale. There are similar examples in most industries.

If you are a Warrior, the most important component to assist you in achieving your goals will most likely be a dedicated team of Workers to back you up, and accordingly, it is crucial that you take steps to foster your team and understand the mind-set of a Worker. If you are a Worker seeking to maximize your career potential, it is always a good idea to align yourself with successful Warriors, because they most likely provide easy channels of advancement for you. Warriors tend to build relationships with key Workers that transcend a single job position.

In fact, almost half of the management team in my current company has worked for me at some time previously. A few years ago, I acquired a company based on the fact that I had worked with many of the key staff almost twenty years ago and still remembered how talented they were! During my career, I have been fortunate enough to build a key team of Workers and Worker/Warriors-on-the-cusp that allow me to function properly. Because I have the backing to deliver on the promises I make to clients, business partners, and investors, I can utilize my Warrior tools properly without the fear I will under-deliver.

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