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Analysis Paralysis and Negative Corporate Culture

In the past, I briefly explained the Analysis Paralysis phenomenon, and provided some method and reason for avoiding it. Now, I would like take a step back and look at the analysis paralysis "Big Picture".

I have, and continue to work with many of the world’s largest corporations, and sadly noted that analysis paralysis permeates big companies via their mid- and top level executives, sometimes eventually creating an unspoken corporate culture. In fact, it is so common that I sometimes question how many of these companies became so successful in the first place, and I can only surmise that analysis paralysis sets in at some point after a company is successful and has built up such momentum that the malady does not destroy it.

Although analysis paralysis is not necessarily fatal to a company, it ultimately relegates it to low performance levels, and the employees who create this logjam almost always fail to achieve any real meaningful progression in their careers. Their fear of failure creates over analysis, which leads to missed opportunities.

Check back tomorrow for a personal story further explaining the effects of analysis paralysis.

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