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Battle Against Bald

At Respond2 (my direct response advertising agency) we have always specialized in DRTV campaigns; but more recently we’ve realized the importance of pursuing new media as an additive to DRTV for our clients.

During the past few weeks, Respond2’s new media duo has put together a pretty impressive campaign for our Bosley (hair restoration specialist) client. It is still too early to measure ROI, but I am convinced that when done appropriately, a smart web campaign can compliment DRTV, thus bringing more value to clients.

In short, BattleAgainstBald.com documents Seth Garon’s (Respond2 Creative Director) battle against hair loss, which he is taking "head-on" by going through the Bosley Hair Restoration procedure. Daily blog entries, pictures and soon-to-come videos will let visitors partake in his journey. And while his hair is growing, Seth writes about topics related to hair loss and hair restoration. It’s kind of like what Jared did for Subway, except that his progress (we hope) can be seen in real-time. Plus, Seth is much more of a meatball sub guy anyway.

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