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The Family Weasel

There is nothing more disgusting than a Weasel who takes advantage of the disadvantaged—the elderly, the young, the handicapped, and those in need. And unfortunately, there is no lack of such stories—about creeps who deal in human slavery, pedophiles, con men who steal an elderly person’s last dollars—the stories go on and on.

But one must really wonder about the kind of Weasel who decides to take advantage of his own elderly grandmother. A fellow passenger on a plane told me about the black-sheep Weasel in his family. His brother, a rather “down-and-out” young man, had taken a renewed interest in visiting their grandmother. Knowing the disreputable character of their brother, the siblings were a bit suspicious, but the elderly woman was so enjoying the attention that they all felt it might be okay.

It was only when the grandmother fell ill that they uncovered what a Weasel their brother really was. The doctor discovered that the creep had been stealing the grandmother’s vital medication and replacing it with vitamin pills. When the family did a little more investigation, they found that the thief had also slowly been stealing the old lady’s possessions and selling them to buy his own drugs.

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