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Warriors In History

Of the many Warrior stories to emerge from the horrors of World War II and the Nazi concentration camps, Maximillian Kolbe’s is one of the most heroic. Father Kolbe was a Polish priest imprisoned in Auschwitz in 1941. When one of the men in Kolbe’s bunker disappeared and presumably escaped, the Nazis decided to take ten men from the bunker and starve them to death as an example to the others. (Tragically, the missing man was later found drowned in a camp latrine.) When one of the men selected to die cried out in despair that he would never get to see his wife and children again, Father Kolbe stepped forward and asked to take his place. The Nazis complied.

After two weeks of starvation, four of the ten men, including Father Kolbe, were still alive. The Nazis needed their cells for more inmates, so the four were finished off with an injection of carbolic acid.

Father Kolbe was reportedly the last to die, sacrificing his life for a man he barely knew.

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