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Weasel Immunity

In today’s society, Weasel behavior has become so common that instead of immediately condemning it, we have come to expect it, sometimes even embrace it, lowering our expectations of our fellow man. Our tolerance level for the selfish, lying, destructive, and sometimes deadly habits of Weasels has risen to a point that should cause us all concern about the coming years. Workplace Weasels are wearing us down, often winning the battle due to society’s hesitation to hold ourselves to a higher standard and the easy temptations that Weasels use as recruiting tools.

We are told that success and money are our God-given rights and that almost anyone might achieve enormous wealth and success almost by accident. The end justifies the means, so go ahead and do whatever it takes to get what you want. Who cares about ethics and credibility? Acquiring the most “bling bling” is the objective.

Everyone deserves to be famous. We worship at the altar of the celebrity, where fame based on talent has been replaced by infamy at any cost. Magazines and newspaper headlines seldom feature inspirational accounts of people improving society; instead, we get to know the intimate and lurid life details of accused murderers and celebrity criminals.

Live the “lottery lifestyle.” Simply answer the door and Ed McMahon might be standing there, ready to present you with an oversized check that will change your life! Drop all your life savings into one Internet stock so you can become a billionaire. Go ahead and live well past your financial means. Charge that credit card to the max, take out second and third mortgages, live like a rock star, and somehow it will all work out.

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