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Are You A Whiner?

I bet you you are saying, "of course I am not a whiner". Truth be told, whining can be a bit insidious. It has a tendency to creep up on you, because we all have to do it occasionally. A bit of occasional whining can be therapeutic to the soul. It’s healthy to occasionally air your complaints and rid yourself of a little anger. But left unchecked or overly encouraged, whining can quickly grow into an energy-draining “attitude cancer” that will hamper your career, drive away or lose friends and loved ones, and relegate you to a constant state of depression. It alters perception: white becomes black, good becomes bad, and the enjoyment is sapped from life. A Whiner’s cup always tastes bitter and is at least half empty.

There are a myriad of problems associated with whining, aside from the obvious downside to Whiners and those around them that results from a life spent complaining. Whiners are often constantly depressed because they have no sense of empowerment. A few days ago my wife pulled me aside to announce that I had been a real Whiner the last few weeks, and it was making her life—and mine— particularly unpleasant. Of course, this is not news anyone likes to hear, but as I gave it some thought I realized she was right. And in analyzing the problem, I determined that several current factors were making me feel particularly out of control. We were in the midst of building a new house that had spiraled a little out of control, a real estate project I had in development was well past deadline and exceeding budget, deadlines for this book were looming, and I generally felt that I was not on top of my game. Accordingly, I had become a whiny pain-in-the-ass and was making my employees and family miserable! People are at their best and most confident when they feel in control of their destiny, and controlling your destiny is certainly one of the mantras of this book.

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