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Managing Your Ego

One of the consistent issues intertwined throughout the world of Warriors, Workers, Whiners, and Weasels is ego management. This is a tough one. Warriors must be filled with self-confidence and have hefty egos, but if they grow too large or unrealistic they may go the way of the Weasel. Workers who have the talent and tools and aspire to be Warriors may need a bit of an ego infusion, or they could achieve a higher degree of happiness if they just loved themselves as much as they deserve to be loved. Whiners typically suffer from low self-esteem; if they could capture the necessary self- confidence—and perhaps love themselves a bit more—they would be happier and live life as a Worker or Warrior. Loving yourself just enough for the right reasons, but not too much becomes the key.

In many ways, people can be classified by the state of their ego at any given time, and usually, as someone progresses through life and experiences failures and successes, they gain maturity and their ego naturally progresses and refines to an acceptable level that suits them well. Possessing the ability to assess and control your own self-confidence level, and the impact of it on those around you, is a valuable tool.

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