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Mommy Dearest

I try to differentiate between criminals and Weasels. Certainly there are a lot of criminals that are Weasels – but criminal behavior is motivated by many factors, so the two are not always synonymous. Weasels can often be nasty, deceitful, and dishonest without technically breaking any laws.

However, occasionally I see criminal behavior so heinous and reprehensible that it could only be committed by someone with the true soul of a Weasel. Such is the case of Roberta Lillie, who was recently sentenced to life in prison for beating her 88-year-old mother to death with a wine bottle and an oxygen tank. Lillie testified she went to her mother’s apartment to return credit cards she had stolen from her. She also told the court she had told her mother and aunt she needed money for cancer surgery, when she actually was just behind on her debts. Instead of apologizing and returning her mother’s credit cards, she chose instead to beat her Mom to death while the old lady sat in her recliner. Lillie justified her actions by saying once at her mother’s apartment she "began to ponder all that had gone wrong in her life". One can only hope Lillie continues to ponder her situation for the next forty or fifty years from an 8 by 10 cell.

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  1. Debbie says:

    what prison is roberta lillie serving her time in?

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