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More Good News From The Conservative Washington Brain Trust

As one who spends a lot of time outdoors, and has personally watched glaciers disappear, snowfall radically decline, and other weird weather phenomenon over a few short years, I didn’t need Al Gore and the world’s leading scientists to convince me that global warming is real – though he and virtually every expert in the field makes a case I would think most would find bullet proof. One need not be a Nobel laureate or even a weatherman in Montana to assume that filling our atmosphere with spent fossil fuel could have consequences, and regardless of someone’s position on global warming, you have to wonder why anyone wouldn’t be in favor on cleaning up the environment and developing a healthier energy policy. But of course I guess there are those that prefer continued American dependence on oil controlled by crazy extremists, followed by global collapse, famine, and eventually life in a Mad Max-like society to a clean planet full of enlightened and educated people.

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma seems to fit right into the Washington Flat Earth Society. In a recent speech to the senate he called global warming "media hysteria" and dismissed NASA Scientist James Hansen as an "alarmist". Unfortunately, people like Inhofe are more than just deluded redneck caricatures. Inhofe and his fellow believers that dismiss proven science in favor of beliefs based on their personal translations of two thousand year old books are dangerous.

Imagine if a politician came forward and declared that he believed Howie Mandel was the second coming of Christ, and watching Deal or No Deal would show the path to heaven. I am guessing we would assume him crazy and throw him out of office (though I must admit that Howie does occasionally have a very spiritual look.)

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