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The Warrior of the Month award must certainly go to Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus (though he might actually feel the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded last week is an even bigger honor). Yunus developed the concept of "microcredit" and founded the Grameen Bank. Thanks to him and the bank, over the last thirty years more than 100 million people have been given an opportunity to take the first steps out of poverty. The concept is simple. People in remote poverty-stricken parts of the world that otherwise could not get credit are awarded small loans. The money might buy a dairy cow, a few egg laying hens, or even a cell phone that allows them to conduct business. With a little bit of capital, people are given the opportunity to start small businesses that change their and their family’s lives, and when they repay the loans the money is loaned to others that make similar progress. Yunus gives people the tools and minimal resources to lift themselves out of powerty. Instead of fixing the symptom of a problem, he has found a way to make profound permanent changes.

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  1. John Cruice says:

    Did you know that at least 2 other men (and it seems, independently) in the early 70’s also developed the microfinance model to assist the poor – Al Whittaker, in 71, and David Bussau, in 76. They later joined forces together in Indonesia to form Opportunity International in 79.

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