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More fear and loathing at the airport

Thank God for witless starlets and horny politicians, otherwise what would they print in the newspapers and magazines? While I guess I wasn’t surprised that another formerly “conservative” politician from Idaho was caught trying to take his pants down and share his love for America, I was surprised where he was caught. As I have written in the past, I spend a lot of time in airports, and accordingly, sometimes frequent airport restrooms. I had no idea that there was an underground network of “between-flight Plato’s Retreats,” where sex-starved guys tap out erotic ads under bathroom partitions.

Personally, I try to keep my conversation, eye contact and gestures to a minimum in public restrooms. And while I have had my share of wild times, I don’t remember my libido ever being at a level where sex in a smelly toilet sounded the least bit appealing.

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