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Smoking Is Good For You!

I think it is highly likely that in twenty or thirty years we will look back upon some of our day-to-day activities in amazement, and wonder “what were we thinking?”. Just consider all the once-popular activities and conventional wisdoms we ultimately abandoned as wrong; slavery, smoking, prohibition, poor houses, human sacrifice, lobotomies, the Vietnam War, Smoky and the Bandit movies, really big sideburns. The list goes on and on.

Here are ten currently acceptable trends / activities / beliefs that I am quite confident future generations will find baffling, dangerous, silly, or just stupid.

1. Talking and texting on cell phones while driving.
2. Current airport security methods.
3. Annoying overly protective plastic packaging that cuts your hands when you open it and fills up our landfills for the next 80,000 years.
4. Debating the validity of global warming, evolution, whether as a nation we should be torturing people, or whether or not we are in a recession right now.
5. Religions that advocate killing the members of other religions in tribute to their Gods.
6. Being pro-life yet also in favor of the death penalty.
7. Putting people in jail for smoking pot.
8. The internal combustion engine.
9. Building cities with big waterfalls and golf courses in the middle of the desert.
10. Disposable plastic water bottles.

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One Response to Smoking Is Good For You!

  1. Joe Camel says:

    The silly fad language “What were we thinking?” will have changed twenty times in twenty years.

    To compare smoking to human sacrifice shows how effective the World Health Organization’s propaganda is. Some people LIKE to be deceived.

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