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Happy Birthday Spam!

Yesterday was the 30th birthday of that facinating plague of the internet, Spam. “The digitally inclined” are notorious Monty Python fans, and Spam was named for a famous Monty Python song in which the lyrics primarily consist of “spam, spam, spam, spam”.

Of course, we all have Spam to thank for our extrordinarily long penises, access to very inexpensive perscription drugs shipped direct from third world countries (primarily designed to keep our extroadinarily long penises erect), the Croatian spouses we met online thanks to Spam, and our enormous personal wealth handed down from fleeing Nigerian dicators.

Happy Birthday Spam! Here’s wishing you not very many more!

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  1. Dave says:

    I hate spam. I hurt honest people who do offer real newsletter via e-mail. It also cause regular e-mails that people send to wind up in the spam folder.

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