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Kontenting – And How It Will Change Advertising And Marketing

I’m on my way to Los Angeles to present to the 2008 Publisher’s Technology Forum this Thursday. The topic – Kontenting – an approach and concept that I think is about to change the advertising and marketing world.

The bottom line to Kontenting…… we have moved from a world where clever messages and flashy logos don’t determine a product’s success. Consumers have taken control – and they are changing the rules of marketing. They insist upon information – and honesty – before they buy a product. Broadband is leveling the playing field– offering unbelievable opportunities for everyone from entrepreneurs to major brands if they learn how to talk directly to consumers.

Savvy marketers need to thing in terms of content – not just marketing messages. Watch here for more information on Kotenting, and how it will shape this new age of advertising.

Below is a downloadable copy of my presentation “Kontenting – Marketing Content With Content” available for you to download. If you were able to attend today’s presentation at the PMA’s Midsize Publishers Technology Forum, I hope you enjoyed it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Click Here to Download the Kontenting Presentation

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