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Why Men Should Be Flocking To Sex In The City

I was in New York this weekend, and I joined a very small contingent of men who went to see the Sex In The City movie. My wife and I decided to go, because it seems so much more enjoyable to see a New York-based film while in New York – kind of the Woody Allen movie rule. According to the box office reports, we were not alone. At over $55 million, Sex In The City topped Indiana Jones in box office receipts, and had the biggest opening for a romantic comedy in history. And according to The Los Angeles Times, the crowd was 85% female, and all males in the audience were either boyfriends, husbands, or gay.

This baffled me a bit, as I must say it was one of the most attractive movie crowds I have ever seen, and if I was a single male looking to meet someone I would have spent the day in the theatre, perhaps cruising the popcorn stand between showings with a pitcher of Cosmos hidden in a thermos. Think of the odds… You are one of very few men in a theatre filled with hundreds of women! And much like women attending a wedding, they primed for romance. And why wouldn’t men want to see a movie with beautiful women talking about sex for two hours and fifteen minutes?

Of course, like almost every movie, Sex In The City is filled with fantasy. A couple examples:

  • You could not drink as much as the women do in the film, and still be skinny and coherent. They drink Cosmopolitans at lunch, start dinner with martinis, and then each consume a bottle of wine with dinner. Woman that drink this much would not have sex – they would be passed out or spend their off hours in treatment programs. They would have huge bulbous noses, and be forced to have special clothing tailored for their distended livers.
  • The odds are that if you have four friends (men or women) in the city, at least one of them will be absolutely crazy. These women all have their high maintenance moments, but they are all too consistently rational to be realistic.

In any case, it was a pretty good film. My advice to single men. Next Saturday put on a nice suit, go to the early showing of Iron Man (a really terrific movie), catch the late afternoon showing of Sex In The City, and you will probably end up with a date for Saturday night.