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Another Nifty Cell Phone Trick – Free Directory Assistance!

Tired of paying those high charges when you use directory assistance on your cell phone?  Well, Google has kindly provided a free option – Goog411. Just call 1-800-466-4411 instead of your cell phone carrier. They will even give you suggestions for restaurants, etc. based on the area you want to visit. The call and the info is free!

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2 Responses to Another Nifty Cell Phone Trick – Free Directory Assistance!

  1. Eric Lee says:


    I’m just getting started with my new blog. Would you want to exchange links on our blog-rolls?

    BTW – I’m up to about 100 visitors per day.

  2. Beth says:

    I’ve tried the Google service but wasn’t very successful. After a few attempts I became very frustated at the fact that I was never able to speak with an operator. I have since started using 1-800-411-SAVE (1-800-411-7283) which is also free but the entire call is serviced by a real operator. This service free 411 service is my recommendation for anyone looking to save a little money and time by dealing with people and not machines.

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