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Nifty Cell Phone Trick Number 1 – Jott.com

I love technology that makes life easier – especially when it is free!  And here is a very nifty free addition you can make to any cell phone that will save you time and potentially money. (And my caveat here – I do not own stock in this company, nor do I benefit in any way – I just thought this was a very interesting technology for “bizzy” people.)  

Go to www.jott.com – sign up for a free account – and use the service to send yourself and others texts and emails converted from your voice.  It’s simple – you just log on once and put in your and up to five other email and cell phone numbers.  Then, when you call 866-568-8123 it will prompt you to record a message.  You can send the message to yourself to your phone and computer – (Tim, don’t forget to report to your parole officer tomorrow) – or to someone else – (Kelly, don’t forget to remind me to report to my parole officer tomorrow).  OK, I really don’t have a parole officer, but you get the idea. 

An if you are all thumbs and hate texting, this is a much easier way to get the message across. 

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  1. Scott Carver says:

    Speaking of interesting phone related web services, I just stumbled across this creepy service yesterday. http://www.slydial.com/index.php It allows you to call directly to someone’s voice mail so you don’t have to actually talk to them

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