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Cha Cha Cha!

Not that I want to turn this into a blog about cell phone enhancements, but…..  Cha Cha is one more really interesting free cell phone enhancement I recommend.  Just call 800-224-2242 (take off your call block first if you have it) and your questions will be answered!  Not quite sure how the economics of this service work, but you can call Cha Cha – ask any question you want – and within a few minutes they will text you the answer.  This service becomes a bit addictive as you try to stump Cha Cha with weird or difficult questions…

  • Is JD Salinger still alive?
  • Who is the President of Brazil?
  • What’s the most common name for a male dog?
  • How tall is Tom Cruise?

Cha Cha is like a really smart friend hidden inside your cell phone.

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