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Free Money For Online Shoppers!

I’m prefer to do my shopping online, and accordingly I was thrilled to find several sites that actually pay you to use them as your shopping portal.  The concept is amazingly simple, and profitable for the shopper.  Go to sites like www.ebates.com. www.fatwallet.com, and www.cashbaq.com – set up a free account – and then use that site as a portal to shop at the hundreds of featured online sites.  When you make a purchase, the portal will send you a check for as much as 10% of your shopping price (each site offers a different rebate), so it is like an automatic discount.

And you won’t be shopping at tiny unknown sites.  All of the above shopping sites feature big-name online retailers – probably sites you are already shopping on already, so it is like found money.

I have been using ebates and fatwallet for over a year, and am pleased to report they operate very efficiently. I just discovered cashbaq so can’t report on how well they work, but I was pleased to see they offer a 4% rebate for www.1000bulbs.com, a site I recommended earlier for CFL light bulbs, so you can use them to save a little more on your green efforts.

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  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the info. You can check out http://www.savingswatch.com as well. I shop through them to earn extra money. Good thing is they offer a much higher cashback and got lots of coupons to use. It’s worth checking out!
    Happy Shopping

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