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Is Comcast Part of the Corporate Axis of Evil?

Ah Comcast….  For many years I and many others thought you deserved the Yugo award for worst customer service.  Your technicians were late or didn’t show up at all.  Work was sloppy.  You acted like you just didn’t care.  Then a couple years ago things seemed to get better.  You operators were friendly and your installers were on time.  Your guys wore spiffy uniforms. You began advertising how much good you do for the local community. Your digital cable is just, well, COMCASTIC, and your broadband service is really fast!  We all had high hopes.

But somehow, someway, you have slipped again.  Perhaps into a much more evil place than just rude or incompetent.   Recently you came under fire for blocking your subscribers’ access to certain web sites, and then not telling them you were doing so.  In fact…. is it possible you are now being run by the Chinese government? 

Imagine this.  Your customer pays you a lot of money to provide internet service, and then you decide which sites they are allowed to access!  Hmmmm.  Might you decide not to show competitors sites?  And what if Comcast were to come under the control of crazy management? Terrorists! The Christian Right! Rumsfeld!  Would you then limit access to sites you don’t agree with?  Would we all have to live in the facist state of Comcastia? 

Even the FCC is mad at you and said they are going to “punish Comcast!  Of course, you choose to call all this “load managing” (what a Comcastic load that it) but lets not put lipstick on a pig.  Comcast, it is anti-American, unethical, and potentially dangerous to all of us. Apologize and knock it off!

What if the phone companies acted this way?  For instance, what if my phone company decided they would not allow me to call any competitive phone companies or other companies they didn’t like?  Wait a minute!  Comcast, aren’t you in the phone business too?  You wouldn’t sink that low, would you?

And while I am whining about sleezy Comcastic practices, let me tell you what happened this weekend.  The handsome Comcast technician in a spiffy uniform showed up at my new place to hook up my televisions.  But he didn’t bring any cables, so he could not hook them up.  “Cables aren’t included” he said, and he didn’t carry any to even sell me.  Why did he even bother to show up?  He was also a bit miffed I have a Tivo instead of purchasing the Comcast-brand box, and refused to hook up that too.  “Never seen a Tivo”, he said.  “No idea how to hook it up”.  Never seen a Tivo?  Really?

Comcast, I pay you good money to provide television and broadband services. That does not give you the right to dictate what I do with those services or insist that anytime you get into a business I must work with you.  When you come into my home and provide essential communication services I need to be able to trust you are not part of the corporate axis of evil.    

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4 Responses to Is Comcast Part of the Corporate Axis of Evil?

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  2. Josh says:

    I agree that Comcast has become pretty unreliable. Trying to get service is hit or miss. They give you a time range for when the tech will show up right in the middle of a week day (12pm-4pm) and then don’t show up at all. When you reschedule the dispatch becomes really confused.
    It is the lack of trust that causes an unneeded bureaucracy and it affects the most important element in any standard business model; the end user.

  3. ComcastCares1 says:


    I apologize for the unacceptable experience.

    Please know that we are working very hard to improve the service we provide to our customers.

    I would also like to assist in expediting the resolution in installing the cable. If you don’t mind, will you please send me the phone number associated with the account? This information will help me gather more information about your experience. This will information will also allow us to address the issues with the appropriate individuals for coaching purposes.

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to assist!

    Best Regards,

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.

  4. Cindy Lynne says:

    I also have a nightmare with this company that send an incorrect bill each month and then you ahve to spend hours on the phone – told it is fixed – next month same thing. I spoke to a supervisor yesterday that kept using the expression “that is on you” . I am reaching out to the BBR – my attorney. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen from the install to the billing. Nightmare!

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