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Is John McCain Dead? And Should David Hasselhoff Run For President?

I was watching the news last night when they showed a clip from a John McCain speech, and it suddenly occured to me “is this guy dead?”. Not dead as in “wow, Obama is going to cream this guy in November”, but rather, “literally dead”. Not breathing. The eternal snooze.

A caveat here. I like John McCain. He’s a war hero, occasional straight-talker, and a fine example of an American. I don’t like him enough to vote for him unless Obama resigns from the race and is replaced by David Hasselhoff, but overall I think he’s fine. And I certainly hope he is among the living.

But I think we would all agree that his campaign has not been going well. He seems very low on energy, mumbles and stumbles, seems disoriented a lot, and it suddenly dawned on me that the Republican party might be pulling a “Weekend At Bernie’s” trick on the American public.

Imagine this. McCain passes away a couple months ago. The Republican party realizes that no decent candidate will ever jump in at this point. Following Bush and opposing Obama is really political suicide. So they decide to stick with the dead guy. They surround him with people to keep him propped up and mouth a few unintelligible words now and then. And if by some miracle McCain wins, Rove can prop him in a chair in the Oval Office and it will be business as usual.

Could happen! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The big potential question, if it does come down to a “Dead McCain” versus “The Hoff” race, who should I vote for?

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One Response to Is John McCain Dead? And Should David Hasselhoff Run For President?

  1. scott says:

    Personally I look at both candidates and say “this is the best america has to offer?” Obama is extremely chrismatic but is such a rookie to politics its not even funny. McCain needs to show fire and compassion.

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