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Are You A Control Freak?

Entrepreneurs are typically micro-managers.  They believe nobody can do the job better than they can, and accordingly they often control every aspect of their organization to create their ideal vision for the company. And often that is when an entrepreneur is faced with a decision.  They can continue to micro-manage, which typically severely inhibits growth, but allows them control and sustains the vision.  Or, they can loosen the reins, hire really smart people that have diverse talents (hopefully talents the entrepreneur does not possess), give up some control, and try to guide the company to even bigger heights than they imagined.

There are pros and cons and risks to each approach.  But the one path that seldom works is straddling the two approaches.  You can’t bring in talented employees with the promise that they will be integral in growing the company, and then not allow them the freedom to do their jobs.

The entrepreneur that makes this jump successfully is self-confident enough to let talented individuals move the company to new heights, but also smart enough to recognize when they have made a bad hire that ultimately threatens the organization.

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  1. c.soesbe says:

    I have to agree, the same person who builds a business is usually not the best one to run it. But when is the right time for a builder to stop building, I guess that’s the risk part.

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