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Cow Farts. Like We Need Another Problem To Worry About.

You’ve probably been so captivated by the global financial meltdown that you have forgotten about the polar ice cap meltdown.  There are so many meltdowns happening right now it’s getting tough to know which one should make you the most paranoid and depressed.

But while the Washington braintrust is tackling problems, perhaps they should give a little thought to cow farts. The gaseous old men in Washington might actually have special talents in this area.  My guess is that W and Dick Cheney are quite accustomed to gas attacks.  I can even envision Bush yelling at Cheney with delight as he enters the Oval Office – “Wyoming, get over here and pull my finger”.  But back to the topic. 

Unfortunately, when cows “poof” – or belch for that matter – they expel huge amounts of methane gas.  And experts pinpoint methane gas as a main contributor to the greenhouse effect.  In fact, they estimate 18% of the greenhouse effect is due to methane gas.

Now to be fair to cows, their gas is not the only source.  Sheep, goats, even water buffalo expel the toxic gas.  Certain plants emit it.  But cows are among the worst offenders, since there are over 1.2 billion cattle in the world, and the number is growing.  I love steak, but perhaps we all need to cut back on our carnivorous diets and eat a few more salads.

Entrepreneurs might see this as a great opportunity.  Beeno for cows?

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