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Do Rich People Really Have Better Sex?

Perhaps in this economy it is a bit cruel to point out more than the obvious benefits of being wealthy, but according to a recent survey of 600 high net worth individuals, having a lot of money not only buys you a lot of stuff, it also leads to a much more robust sex life.

Researchers Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince found that the rich have sex more frequently and with a greater variation of partners.  Now this might not come as a suprise to many rich men.  After all, do any of us really think that Donald Trump would be scoring super-models if he was “Donald the Plumber”?

But here is the stat that caught my eye.  Rich women actually seem to use their money to sexual advantage better than men.  84% of rich women versus 63% of rich men say having money means having better sex. And as all of us have always known, women regard sex differently than men.  The women in the study were much less concerned with multiple partners, but loved the idea that wealth brought them more exciting sexual experiences.  In fact, 72% of the women said they had “joined the mile high club”, as opposed to only 33% of the men.  Makes you look at the friendly skies completely differently!

Here was another suprise.  Rich women are even bigger cads than men!  73% of rich women, versus 53% of wealthy men admit to having an extramarital affair.

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