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Comparing Our Last Two Presidents

When a President takes office, one of the opening salvos that sets the tone for his administration are his executive orders. As President Obama undoubtedly gets ready to issue his executive orders, it’s interesting to see how the last two Presidents compare.

President Clinton’s Orders

  • Lifted restrictions on abortions at federally-funded clinics overseas.
  • Imposed new restrictions on lobbying that barred senior officials from lobbying the agency where they worked for five years after leaving the government.
  • Established a National Economic Council.
  • Cut 100,000 federal jobs towards his goal of ending “the era of big government”.
  • Placed a ban on road building and logging in 60 million acres of national forest.

President Bush’s Orders

  • Established a White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives.
  • Changed several federal labor policies, including one that required federal contractors to notify workers they don’t have to pay union dues if the money is used for politics.
  • Called on federal agencies to expedite government permitting for oil and gas exploration on public lands, including oil exploration.

It will be interesting to see what our new President does.

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