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Does Your Congressman Deserve A Pay Raise?

It’s nice to know during these tough economic times that some industries are apparently recession-proof and can continue to offer big raises! Hmmm, what industries are like that?  Perhaps green technology?  Discount retailing?  Porno?

Nope, if you want a consistent raise regardless of how the business performed, you should go into Congress!  This month Congressmen are slated to receive to receive a $4700 raise to supplement their salaries of $169,300.  Of course, there are those that would argue Congress doesn’t deserve a raise.  They might cite the economic crisis, the deficit, the war, and Congress’s recent onslaught of ethical violations as reason for our Congressmen to forego a salary increase.  Given the government’s dismal performance the last few years, one might even find it ridiculous for Congress to take more money, while criticizing the salaries of corporate CEOs.  While American business tightens its belt, unemployment rises, and businesses search for every way possible to stay afloat, our brilliant leaders get a raise!

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