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How Bad Is The Economy?

Not to depress you with statistics this early in the new year, but I found some recently released numbers from JP Morgan interesting.  Here is a random sampling that gives some indication of the real numbers behind the recession:

  • S&P Index – down 37% in 2008
  • The average stock in the index was down 40%
  • S&P earnings growth is down over 24%
  • Unemployment is at 6.7% – the highest level since the early 90’s.  However, this is a little less depressing when compared to the 50 year average of 5.9% and a high of around 11% in the early 80’s
  • An astounding 57% of US Treasuries are owned by foreigners.  This contrasts to 12% thirty years ago.
  • Our GDP per capita last year was $45,800 – which still compares favorably to every other country. Canada was at $38,600, Germany at $34,100, Japan at $33,500, and India at $2,600.
  • On the negative side, world-wide GDP growth was just under 3%, but the US experienced no growth.
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