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My Simple Request For The New President

Certainly President Obama has many more pressing issues to deal with than my humble requests, but if he does have a spare moment, here is a simple idea to consider that I think would make a lot of people happy.

Quit making me undress and be strip searched when I go to the airport.

While a modicum of security at the airport is a necessity, we have created a ridiculous and hugely expensive system that only serves to support the Bush Fear Doctrine (keep people afraid and they might not realize how incompetent the administration is).  Obama doesn’t need to play that game. Bush is on his way back to Texas to drink beer, clear brush, and watch baseball.

The 9/11 terrorists spent years in preparation, and went to flight school to attack us.  Any reasonably competent terrorist could figure a way to get a weapon onboard a plane despite the silly security system we have built. Or, they will attack a mall or a Hooters Restaurant (terrorists seem to be sexually obsessed – and I bet they hate Hooters), or perhaps The Pirates of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland.  Seeing an obese woman in a uniform “feel up” a ninety-year-old great grandmother in a wheelchair does not make me feel secure.  I think I face more risk from walking barefoot through a dirty airport than another terrorist attack. 

So, eliminate the army of wand-wielding airport Nazis, and use the money to hire teachers and maybe put solar panels on airports.  And if we are really serious about national security going forward, somebody keep an eye on Cheney!  He’s really dangerous.

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