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More Reasons To Own An iPhone

The iPhone is one of the greatest devices ever introduced.  Since I bought mine last year, it has surpassed my laptop to become my most essential technology that I have with me at all times.  In one tiny package I have a phone, handheld computer, calender, email and texting device, GPS system, camera, shopping assistant, restaurant locator, and much more.  And as the Apple advertising says, there is an “ap” for almost anything.  Here are two of my new favorites that can save you a lot of money:

Skype.  A few weeks ago while travelling in Mexico my wife and I were lamenting that we could not use Skype on the iPhone.  “Wouldn’t it be terrific to be able to make international calls when we travel”, we both agreed.  Well, Skype was way ahead of us.  I just downloaded the new free application, and it works great.  It turns your iPhone into a Skype internet phone that can be used whenever you are in range of wireless internet.

Public Radio Tuner.  We love to listen to NPR, but unfortunately our houses are out of radio range.  Accordingly, I bought an internet radio a few months ago that I love.  It allows you to tune in to hundreds of radio stations from around the world.  The problem was that the radio was difficult to install into the audio system that works throughout the entire house.  Accordingly I was thrilled today to discover an “ap” that turns your iPhone into an internet radio and allows you to tune into your favorite public broadcasting station.  As I write this in California I am listening to the Portland, Oregon NPR station.  And by putting the iPhone into the cradle connected into my home stereo, I can listen to it in any room in the house.

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  1. Mario says:

    Tim, I completely agree with you on this one. The Skype application is absolutely genius. I use it in places like Starbucks to call my family in Germany, but look forward to put it to test when traveling internationally.

    Another interesting app is called “Ego” which lets you check all of your web analytics (various google analytics accounts, etc) on your iPhone.

    The Kindle app is also pretty cool as it allows you to read existing digital content and syncs up perfectly with your Kindle.

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